The Preacher as Theologian

Episode 765

Host Ed Stetzer teams back up with writer, professor, and missionary Trevin Wax to hone in on the ways theology impacts us as preachers, pastors, and planters. Tune in to discover how you’re already doing the work of a theologian… and why it’s time to lean into that calling upon your life.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why your personal definition of “theologian” may be ready for an update
  • The influence of church history and tradition upon our teachings today
  • The ways theology can impact your daily walk with Christ—and your people’s, too!
  • Sustainable rhythms of study for vocational and covocational pastors alike
  • How diversifying your reading can help you better connect with your congregation

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Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

If you’re a pastor tasked with opening and expounding on God’s Word for the people He has entrusted to your care, you’re theologizing. — Trevin Wax

If you’re having to get up and preach, you shouldn’t want to preach yourself; you should want to preach God’s Word. It begins with the basic, fundamental level of interpreting God’s Word faithfully. — Trevin Wax

The pastor as theologian is not that you arrive; it’s that you’re continuing to sharpen your skills. — Ed Stetzer

Theology, at the end of the day, is not so we can fill our minds with knowledge. It’s so we can bow our knees in humility toward God and know Him better. — Trevin Wax

You’re shaping your congregation whether you realize it or not. Don’t you want to shape them in the best most God-glorifying way possible? — Trevin Wax

Who you are theologically shapes who your congregation is theologically. Make sure that who you are theologically is well-grounded, balanced, and biblical. — Ed Stetzer

Published August 31, 2023

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