The Ever-Learning Preacher

Episode 755

Host Ed Stetzer meets with writer, professor, and missionary Trevin Wax to discuss the responsibility of preachers and teachers to further the knowledge of their craft. Listen to learn why the congregation, culture, and context you shepherd deserve more of your intellectual attention.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to grow your mental stamina
  • The importance of diversifying the content you consume
  • Why your “shortcuts” assist your greatest gains
  • How to capture the hearts, minds, and imaginations of your people
  • The biggest self-assessment question to ask yourself

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually, there’s a workout required for preaching, so you must have the right calorie intake for the right kind of output. — Trevin Wax

An ongoing intellectual stimulation is helpful for anyone who is teaching and preaching God’s Word. — Ed Stetzer

Part of the learning process is having something to offer through reading and listening to other great preachers and podcasts, while also getting to know the people God has called you to teach and shepherd. — Trevin Wax

Do we want to be wise and experienced with sermons that are fresh, full of insight, marked by the fragrance of Jesus, and with truth beautifully expressed? If so, then we must take steps now. — Trevin Wax

Not everyone’s a missiologist, but we should all be missionary-minded and inclined. — Ed Stetzer

Just like we’ve got to take care of our bodies, we must take care of our minds. We may have to shuffle our priorities to make it happen, but if we want to be ever-learning, we will prioritize it. — Trevin Wax

Published July 27, 2023

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