Preaching Masterclass

Am I a good preacher? What can I do to become a better one? Am I doing enough to prepare? Is anyone listening? How can I touch the hearts of people with God’s Word? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? That’s why we’ve created Preaching Masterclass—a course to help you refine the art of outlines and sermon preparation, preach with purpose, and lead listeners to apply God’s Word to their lives.

9 hours 60 videos

Preaching is hard, week after week.

Take your preaching to the next level.


  • Hershael York

  • Crawford Loritts

  • Robert Smith

  • Bryan Chapell

  • John Piper

  • Kevin Smith

  • Ed Kang

  • Miguel Núñez

  • David Platt

  • P.J. Tibayan

  • J.D. Greear

  • Juan Sánchez

  • Doug Logan

  • Tony Merida

  • Peyton Jones

  • Trevin Wax

  • Ed Stetzer

  • Bryan Loritts

  • Matt Carter

  • Shane Pruitt

  • Noah Oldham

  • Scott Pace

  • Brian Brodersen


Whether you’re just starting your preaching ministry or have years of experience, this course will:

  • Provide a biblical basis for preaching 
  • Give sermon preparation methods and tips 
  • Equip you to learn and grow as a preacher 
  • Encourage you to understand your context and your people 
  • Help you remain faithful in your preaching ministry 
  • Overview preaching for weddings, funerals, and current events 
  • Discuss contributions of historical preachers 
  • And much more! 

Course Content

Purpose in Preaching
Posture of Preaching
Practice of Preaching
Preparation for Preaching
Person Who Is Preaching
Practical Preaching
Passion in Preaching
Power in Preaching
People of Preaching