Church Planting Primer

Have you ever considered the incredible odds against Christianity? The self-proclaimed Son of God and his rag-tag band of merry misfits first preached the gospel on the other side of the world and, somehow, it made its way all over the globe. From Israel it spread north, south, east and west. It crossed oceans and climbed mountains; it traveled on the backs of horses, donkeys, and camels. The gospel has traversed every imaginable terrain to make its way to you and me. This happened by the faithfulness and multiplication of small churches.

2 Hours 4 Modules

The vast majority of Christians and churches will never start a church or even give serious consideration.

Planting churches is the responsibility of every church and we want to help.


  • Clint Clifton


Church Planting Primer is an introductory that provides a biblical rationale for planting new churches, as well as practical next steps that anyone can take to get involved in the work of church planting and fulfilling the Great Commission!

The primer course provides the biblical foundation for church planting. Our goal is to help you (or your congregation) understand what the Biblical commands. Participants will walk away able to pinpoint why Christians should start new churches. So join us to start your journey to better understand the biblical rationale for church planting.

All course materials are FREE and can be studied by individuals or taught in group settings. All videos, slide presentations, and handouts can be viewed and downloaded on our course page.

These 4 modules will help you:

  • Understand why the church is important
  • Why you should love the church
  • Church Planting in the Bible
  • And more!