Building a Theological Vision

Episode 763

Host Ed Stetzer teams back up with author, pastor, and leadership expert Eric Geiger to discuss the church’s responsibility to engage hard questions with applicable theological truth. Here’s how you can intentionally shepherd your people as they examine God’s Word and seek His heart for them in the process.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Ways to effectively navigate cultural shifts and philosophies
  • How you can train your staff on pressing theological issues
  • The gift that tension brings us in our most difficult pastoral moments
  • Which topics to preach from the pulpit (or to save for your next discipleship class)
  • Helpful advice for reaching the “unchurched” people in your pews

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

We find ourselves in a time when we can’t assume our people have a basic understanding of the gospel or on what the Bible teaches. — Ed Stetzer

I want our people to know I’m responsible before the Lord for them to be discipled, to have a Christocentric view of the world, and to be theologically conversant in understanding key doctrines of the Christian life. — Eric Geiger

What the church can offer now in a world that is so confused is to actually connect with the questions the culture’s asking; this is both theological and practical. — Eric Geiger

We’re not just screaming at the culture; we’re equipping our people to answer questions with both truth and grace. — Eric Geiger

Be careful before jumping into more complex topics because you want to walk your people through it wisely, biblically, and also in pastorally appropriate ways. — Ed Stetzer

Approach hard conversations with tenderness and compassion the way Jesus approaches us. Say the truth but also show it in a beautiful and gracious way. — Eric Geiger

Published August 24, 2023

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