Rural Church Planting

Episode 771

Host Ed Stetzer sits down with rural pastor and planter Will Basham to discuss his heart for reaching the lost in rural America. Regardless of our own backdrop, this church-planting mission remains the same for us, too, as we go and make disciples. Here’s how God is reaching the lost in Milton, West Virginia, and how you can join in on His mission.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How the Imago Dei should impact our pursuit of the lost and searching
  • The difficulties and blessings found in rural church planting
  • What planters in the urban context can learn from rural America
  • How to address worshipping through giving in your church context
  • What the gospel teaches about the polarization of today’s social climate

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Anywhere there are people created in the image of God is an important place for ministry. — Will Basham

When we devalue an area culturally, people in that cultural context—those in the inner city, as well as in rural America—know that they’re undervalued by the culture. — Ed Stetzer

It’s about teaching faithfulness in a lot of little areas. It’s not about trying to shake people down for money but teaching our people about sacrificing and worshiping through giving. — Will Basham

When we forget the gospel or try to mingle it with political or social issues instead of keeping it above them, we become misguided and just part of the noise. — Will Basham

Our church is trying to teach people that in a sea of faces, they’re not forgotten. — Will Basham

God is at work in the rural context and calls people there. Maybe you are called to go there or to partner with others who are answering the call to reach these spaces as well. — Ed Stetzer

Published September 21, 2023

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