Bivocational Ministry as an Evangelism Opportunity

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Ed Stetzer examines how employment outside a church leads to more evangelistic opportunities for bivocational pastors.

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Reflection Questions:

  1. If you must be near people to share the gospel with them, how has bivocational ministry given you proximity to people you may not have encountered otherwise?
  2. Do you identify yourself as a missionary pastor or a scholarly pastor? What is the difference? How does this difference influence your bivocational ministry? How does it impact your evangelistic opportunities?
  3. How does bivocational ministry help you to live out your own teaching and sermons? How does your leadership example encourage your congregation in evangelism?
  4. What is your “shepherd-less flock”? How are you serving this flock? How does your service lead to sharing the gospel with these people?

Lesson Resources

Lesson Resources
Your Teacher | Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer, Ph.D., is a professor and dean at Wheaton College where he also serves as Executive Director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center. He has planted, revitalized, and pastored churches, trained pastors and church planters on six continents, has earned two master’s degrees and two doctorates, and has written hundreds of articles and a dozen books.