Education and Ongoing Development in Bivocational Ministry

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Daniel Im discusses the importance of lifelong learning as a bivocational pastor.

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Reflection Questions:

  1. Looking at your weekly schedule, do you devote more time to urgent matters or to ongoing development? How so? What is the danger in only focusing on the urgent?
  2. Why do you preach the way you preach, lead the way you lead, and disciple the way you disciple? How have hands-on experience, feedback, and formal education impacted your approach in each of these areas?
  3. How are you continuing to develop yourself as a leader? What is your development plan? In what areas do you feel you need ongoing development? In what areas is it crucial for you to continue developing as a leader? How are these areas represented in your current development plan? If not represented, how can you devote time to development in each area?

Lesson Resources

Lesson Resources
Your Teacher | Daniel Im