Sending Churches: From Parent to Partner

Episode 752

Host Ed Stetzer meets with Tony Merida and Adam Muhtaseb to discuss the complex yet essential relationship between church plants and their sending churches. Listen to learn more about establishing a sending culture within your own congregation, as well as how to partner with planters in a healthy way.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Tips for creating a church-wide lifestyle of abiding on mission
  • How to raise up sending leaders from inside your church
  • The importance of setting healthy expectations
  • How to foster a thriving relationship with those you’ve partnered with
  • Why your calendar prioritization matters

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

When we’re all in to see the gospel change our society, there are no sidelines. — Adam Muhtaseb

When you create a sending culture—like the church in Antioch who sent people who sent people–your people will end up being a missionary force. — Adam Muhtaseb

Every church plant should have time set aside for Ephesians 4’s equipping the saints to do the work at the ministry. Our job is not to do ministry, but to equip the saints who do the work of the ministry. — Adam Muhtaseb

As a sending church, we want to help our planters theologically think through ecclesiology and contextualization. We want to care for their souls and make sure they’re ministering out of spiritual health—not merely out of gifting or hard work. — Tony Merida

The best kind of sending church sends from a context with a similar passion for church planting. So, church-planting churches become church-planting churches. — Ed Stetzer

Published July 6, 2023

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