Humility in Leadership

Host Tony Merida teams back up with longtime friend and mentee Adam Muhtaseb to discuss their own experiences in leading with Christlike humility. Tune in to discover how our Savior has paved the way for us to walk humbly before God and one another as we plant our churches for His glory and not our own.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why your definition of humility is a big step in determining your identity as a pastor and planter
  • How to balance your humility with your authority as a leader within the church
  • What your church structure may reveal about your pride as a leader
  • The ways that vulnerability, transparency, and trust can help break down barriers between you and those you serve
  • How humility intersects with the process of decision making and discernment within your church

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

I think modern American leadership is, “I’m awesome. Let me tell you how,” but I think Christlike leadership is emptying yourself, absorbing blame when things go wrong, and deferring credit when things go right. — Adam Muhtaseb

When you’re around a humble person, you’re not on edge. There’s an ease, a gentleness, and that, too, speaks about the character of Jesus. That’s why He could say, “Come to me. I’m lowly of heart.” He’s easy to be around because He’s the humblest person who’s ever existed. — Tony Merida

With all the demands of church planting, it’s easy to lose your humility because it often feels like everything weighs on you. “If I don’t do it, it’s not going to happen.” It’s essential to continue to go back and say, “If the Lord doesn’t build the house, the labor is labor in vain.” — Adam Muhtaseb

How Paul talks about himself shows me a lot of humility. He says, “I’m the chief of all sinners. I’m the worst of the apostles.” That’s just crazy to me. If Paul says that, what can I say about myself? Just looking at Paul’s view of himself should give us a healthy view of ourselves. — Adam Muhtaseb

One of the dangers of learning a lot is becoming spiritually arrogant because of the degree of knowledge that you have, when what should happen is that we’re studying not to make our heads fat, but our hearts right. The more we know the gospel, the more that should be expressed in humble love. — Tony Merida

Humility doesn’t mean you’re not confident. Humility is confidence. You’re just confident in the Word, not in your competency or giftings. — Adam Muhtaseb

Published May 2, 2024

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