No One Owes You Support

Episode 683: Sometimes church planters get a sense of entitlement about monetary support. Host Clint Clifton and Peyton Jones, author of  “Church Plantology,” discuss why a church might not want to support a planter and the best way to approach a prospective Sending Church.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The No. 1 reason people are going to fund you
  • What a planter should keep in mind as he approaches a church for support
  • The importance of humility when you ask for funding
  • The value of asking questions before starting your pitch
  • Why a church planter should consider a potential Sending Church’s own mission goals

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

The first time I got my NAMB letter, it said, “Thank you for what you’re doing.” I sat at my kitchen counter and wept. I had been church planting for years on multiple continents, but I had never ever had anyone thank me. — PeytonJones

A lot of churches have allocated money in their budget to support missions and church planting. Just because church planting money is sitting in a church’s account doesn’t necessarily mean they are or should give it to you. @ClintJClifton

Church planting assessments can be the death knell of a church planter. Everything sounds wonderful until that one question: What are you doing now in your community? If there is no action, it’s all smoke and no fire. — PeytonJones

Church planters don’t often consider the stewardship responsibilities of a Sending Church pastor when they ask for money. They don’t put themselves in the shoes of that pastor. @ClintJClifton

If I were a planter going into a prospective supporting church, I might start with questions: What are you passionate about? What kind of ministries do you like to support?” And I’m assessing whether I’m a good fit with this church. If I’m not, I can say to the pastor, “I don’t know if I’m the right fit for you.” — PeytonJones

You want to hear what a pastor’s pinch-points are in getting the church jazzed about mission. Then you want to show how your relationship with the church can actually be a means to that end. @ClintJClifton

When the church is reviewing who they’re going to cut to invest in someone else, guess who’s going: people with no relationship. — PeytonJones

Published July 14, 2022

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