Fighting Feelings of Inferiority

Episode 735

Most, if not all, church planters struggle with feeling inferior. Ed Stetzer, Scotty Smith and Adam Muhtaseb explain how to fight feelings of inferiority.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The danger of the Imposter Syndrome
  • How common feelings of insecurity are among ministry leaders
  • How to lead in a way that is both confident and humble 
  • How leading from place of weakness can actually maximize growth
  • What it truly means to “treasure the gospel”

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

We all live with Imposter Syndrome. As a church planter, most people would find me bold and brash, but I struggled with feelings of inferiority for the entire journey. @EdStetzer

People would rather follow someone who’s real than somebody who’s always Superman. They’d rather you admit your weakness, point to Jesus and show His strength. @Adam_Muhtaseb

Don’t be ashamed of your weakness. Learn what it means to lead as a jar of clay with the aroma of grace coming out. @Scotty Smith

Lots of stories in Scripture are of those who felt inadequate for the task God had called them to do. @EdStetzer

The very concept of inferiority presupposes comparison. I feel inferior compared to what? Comparison-ism destroys community. @Scotty Smith

People see either your strength or Jesus’ strength. Let’s let our people see Jesus’ ‘ strength through our weakness. @Adam_Muhtaseb

You know what’s better than the hardship of ministry? The beauty and faithfulness of the Lord. Learn every day to rely upon the God who raises the dead. @Scotty Smith

Published March 9, 2023

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