Embedding Into the Fabric of Your City

Episode 692: When you are planting a church in a community that’s new to you, getting deeply embedded in that community is extremely important. Host Ed Stetzer talks with Jeff Belcher and Amanda Hudson about the why and how of getting embedded in the fabric of your community.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Practical ways of getting deeper into the culture of a community
  • How much you can learn by interacting with community and nonprofit leaders
  • Ways people see you differently when you live among them
  • The value of being covocational in a community
  • Why incarnational ministry matters from a biblical perspective

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Washington is a very diverse city where people like to talk and have conversations. It was just a matter of being outside on a Saturday. We have met more people just because of our dog. — Amanda Hudson

Most places have a history. One key thing to ask is “What’s the history?” I want to become an expert on the city where I live. @EdStetzer

There are lots of institutions that serve practical needs of the people but our church wanted to stand out. There’s something to being continually present that helps people see us as people who care about them. —Jeff Belcher

I don’t think we can plant churches via remote control. @EdStetzer

Living among our neighbors was incredibly valuable. In my 800-square-foot row home, we were averaging about 60 people a week because we were in a pedestrian context where people just walked to our house. —Jeff Belcher

I have loved knowing the ins and outs of DC to give people peace of mind … to help someone who comes into the city know the important things of just daily living. — Amanda Hudson

If we’re not living out the goodness of God before the people we’re serving, then we’re robbing others of the opportunity to see God in us. —Jeff Belcher

Published August 16, 2022

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