Disciplines to Start in Early Ministry

Episode 798

Hosts Vance Pitman and Noah Oldham share an encouraging word with Ray Ortlund, the author, pastor, and founder of Immanuel Nashville. Together, they discuss the significance of forming Christ-exalting personal habits within the earliest days of ministry. Tune in to discover how you can create safeguards for the long-term health of your ministry as well as your own personal spiritual walk with Christ.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What sets church planting apart from other vocations
  • The tried-and-true basics of spiritual discipline within the Christian faith
  • Why your understanding of prayer may need some recalibration
  • The role of confession within the church today
  • Why theological accountability and alignment matter in your ministry from day one

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

There’s a lack of theological accountability in the world we live in today because denominations were the buttresses of theological accountability. — Vance Pitman

How can you preach a crucified Savior with personal, showoff-y, “Look at me. I’m so cool” kind of preaching persona? It doesn’t fit. — Ray Ortlund

The Holy Spirit entered into Paul’s ministry and created converts, not because they were impressed by him, but because they were enthralled by Jesus. Now that’s church planting like an apostolic work. — Ray Ortlund

Dear brother, to whom do you confess your sins? The answer cannot be nobody or “I only confess my sins to God.” There’s a reason James 5:16 is in the Bible. — Ray Ortlund

I don’t use the word “accountability” because I’ve seen it used in a coercive way, but “transparency” is mutual. I don’t believe we can go too far wrong if we’re living in transparency and in honest brotherhood together. — Ray Ortlund

We can face anything if we will walk with God. And if we don’t have a real, honest, moment-by-moment walk with the Lord and we’re just great at church planting, that is total failure, brilliantly disguised as massive success. — Ray Ortlund

Published January 23, 2024

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