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How to Fund Your Church Plant

There are many different ways to fund a church plant. Learn more about some of the options that you should consider.

How to Fund Your Church Plant

Money is a touchy subject but a necessary part of the church-planting conversation. Here’s how you can wisely and effectively maneuver this integral part of starting your new church.

What to Expect in a Church Planting Assessment

So, you want to be a church planter… Now what? Here are three things that church planting networks are looking for in their next lead planter and how you can be ready to take your next steps in faith.

3 Ways to Face Hardship on Mission

Discouragement, challenges, and trials are guaranteed realities amid our church planting journeys. Through it all, here are three ways God accomplishes His mission through us as we live on mission for Him.

Fundraising 101 for Church Planters

Money is perhaps one of the largest stressors in church planting. So, here are seven things to keep in mind as you seek out financial partners for the sake of the gospel going forward in your community.

6 Tips for Effective 1-on-1 Meetings

Meetings shouldn’t be your entire ministry, but they can play a huge role in what you do! Here’s some helpful advice as you make appointments with the church members you shepherd.

How to Train Your Launch Team

If you’re new to church planting, you’re likely coming onto the scene with just as many questions as you have ambition. So, here are some tips, tricks, and guidance to help you consider the best ways to lead your launch team in this new season.

4 Things to Look for in Your Next Ministry Partner

You can’t pursue the work of a fruitful, healthy ministry on your own… but you can make a wise, informed decision about who will walk alongside you as you lead. So, here are some tips for picking your ministry partner well.

3 Ways Rest Rewires Us

3 Ways Rest Rewires Us

The work of pastors and planters is often grueling work. So, how are we to navigate the difficulties of ministry life professionally while still pursuing the Lord personally? The answer isn’t as counterintuitive as it may seem: through rest.

5 Pointers for Preaching to Small Crowds

Scripture says to be prepared to preach the Word in season and out of season. So, here are a few things to remember in those slower seasons when feeding a smaller flock.

5 Characteristics of a Good Children’s Ministry Director

5 Characteristics of a Good Children’s Ministry Director

Your congregation and its families play an essential role in the life of your church. As a result, the man or woman who equips them in the ways of the Lord is crucial. So, here are 5 things to look for as you determine the next leader of your children’s ministry.

10 Steps to Cultivate More Engaged Listeners During Your Sermon

In the age of small screens and attention spans, it’s harder than ever to maintain the interest of an audience. So, here are 10 steps you can incorporate into your sermon preparation and presentation to captivate your congregation as you proclaim the name of Jesus.

4 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for the Fall

4 Things You Can Do Now to Prepare for the Fall

All year long we wait for the summertime season. Yet even here in this highly-anticipated time of year, our ministries still continue. So, here are 4 ways to use this season well, all to the glory of God and the good of your congregation.

3 Ways to Help Your Core Team Thrive

First-time planters and first-time parents share so much of the same experience. Here are three key lessons to learn as you seek to nurture and care for your new core team.

The Preacher as Theologian

You cannot claim to be “just a preacher, not a theologian.” Here’s how your work as a preacher impacts your congregation’s understanding of God and why you must lean into it.

5 Steps for a Successful Succession

How do you leave your role well as a church planter? Here are five steps to implement in a healthy succession plan as you consider how God may lead you into new kingdom efforts for His glory.

The Ever-Learning Preacher

We’re never truly done with our pursuit of knowledge. Here’s why we’re called to continue reflecting on God’s Word as we keep engaging the world around us.

Lead By Example: Having a Personal Commitment to Sharing the Gospel

Lead by Example: Committing to Sharing the Gospel

Your church’s culture of evangelism begins with you as the leader. Here are the five phases of evangelism to help you navigate this personal call within your life—for the benefit of you and your church.

Should I be a church planter?

Should I Be a Church Planter?

You may be wondering about the role that church planting plays in your life. Here’s how you can add clarity to your calling to multiply disciples to the ends of the earth.

5 Ways to Set Goals by Faith

5 Ways to Set Goals by Faith

As we continue on our journey as church planters, we venture into new seasons and opportunities for growth. But how can we know what’s next? Here are five ways to rely on God as you move confidently into the future.

How Not to Lead Your Core Team

How Not to Lead Your Core Team

The Core Team phase of church planting sets the course for where your church will go. Here are seven common mistakes to avoid as you embark on your journey as a new church planter.

3 Reasons Every Planter Needs a Network

3 Reasons Every Planter Needs a Network

Church planting is difficult work; you can’t accomplish the work of God’s kingdom alone. Here are three ways that joining a church-planting network will change the trajectory of your missional calling forever.

A Biblical Foundation for Discipleship

A Biblical Foundation for Discipleship

Christ’s command to “go and make disciples” may seem confusing or even overwhelming to you. So, here are three ways you can intentionally focus your circle of influence as you pursue a life on mission.

How To Thrive as a Church-Planting Family

If planting a church scares you to death, I want to offer you some amazing encouragement: You not only can survive, but you and your family can thrive on this journey! Here’s how.

Rethink Multiplication 

If our goal is rapid church multiplication, we must strive toward a movement that, as the saying goes, “breeds like rabbits.” Here are four characteristics of multiplying churches with movement cultures.

3 Lessons I Learned in Year Zero

When I planted my first church, I had never heard of Year Zero. We didn’t even have a Week Zero! But I now understand I suffered three important losses by being in a hurry to launch weekly services.

5 Important Steps for Successful Fundraising

For a new planter, the thought of asking someone to take out their wallet can be next-level cringeworthy. These five steps could lead to God providing for you in amazing ways.

4 Reasons Churches Don’t Multiply

While pastors today have a positive demeanor toward church planting in their communities, you still can hear four common excuses for not leading a church to multiply.

3 Ways to Equip the Next Generation

“Your generation doesn’t have it as bad as our generation” is a stale approach to bringing up tomorrow’s leaders. Here are three ways you can lead the next generation today.

5 Practices for Praying with Purpose

Embracing these five practices will take your personal prayer life to a whole new level and help you be intentional in discipling others to pray.

6 Reasons You Should Start a Sermon Prep Team

Pastors today have less time to do the one thing we have been commanded to never neglect: the ministry of the Word. Here are six ways a sermon preparation team can help you solve that problem.

How to Make the Most of Your Easter Service

Easter is an excellent opportunity to reach the lost and make much of Jesus, regardless of your worship style, church size or budget. Here are four ways to make the most of your Easter service.

Lessons From the Trenches: 4 Things I Will Do Again and Again

I have learned a valuable lesson for battling in the trenches: When you discover what works, stick with it. I want to share four things that are biblical, effective and, regardless of your context, will yield success as you battle in the trenches.

Covocational Church Planting Teams

A covocational church planter has no other option than to plant with a team. But how do you foster team dynamics to plant a healthy church that is effectively engaging its context?

A Reflection on Revival

I have struggled with the Asbury revival. I was envious. What about my community, Lord? My envy pointed to a deeper issue.

Your Church Needs More Than You

Your church needs more than you. Making this a bedrock conviction of your church-planting strategy will enable you to plant a church pleasing to God and edifying for His people.

How to Change Culture Through Preaching

Your church has a culture, and that culture will play a huge role in its effectiveness toward making an impact for the kingdom of God. But if the culture isn’t missional, how do you change it?

5 Reasons to Be a Covocational Pastor

Being a covocational church planter – whose primary vocation is in the marketplace and at the same time is called to start a church – offers five distinct advantages.

New Year’s Resolutions for Church Planters

Do you hate New Year’s resolutions? Have you planned to change, only to be frustrated by failure? Noah Oldham offers two ways to maintain healthy habits and lead a healthy church.

Clint Clifton: Tribute to a Colleague and Friend

As I reflect on my friendship with Clint Clifton, I feel a mix of grief and gratitude. Grief at losing him suddenly, but gratitude for God giving me the privilege of working alongside this man.

Ministering out of Brokenness

When our family was beset by suffering and brokenness, our loving Father used it to teach us, and our church plant, six crucial lessons.

How to Start Small Groups in Your Church

New Year’s is a great time to launch or relaunch your church plant’s small group ministry. It will give your people deeper community, deeper connection and a healthier church – that plants other healthy churches!

9 Unique Baptism Options for New Churches

The joy of a lost soul coming to Christ often is followed by a challenge: finding a way to baptize them. Here’s a list of 10 unique baptism options, all inspired by planters.

How to Handle Kingdom Conflict

Throw passionate leaders together in the high-pressure context of doing ministry in hard places and you’re sure to see sparks fly as iron sharpens iron.

Planting is Tough, but Jesus is Enough

Suffering is part of the church planting package, but we can agree with the Psalmist that God is the strength of our heart and our portion forever (Ps. 73:26).

Understanding a Call to Ministry

Shane Pruitt and Scott Pace have written an excellent book and created a series of videos and guides to help a leader develop those who have been called to ministry.

Why I Hate Pastor Appreciation Month 

In your church-planting journey, you will meet with discouragement, unmet expectations and underwhelming results. Let this little acrostic H.E.L.P. you get through “Pastor Appreciation Month” without anxiety attacks. 

3 Vital Components of Calling 

Discerning whether you are called to be a church planter is a challenge not to be taken lightly. Let me share with you three vital components of calling. 

A Vision for Diversity 

“Diversity” is a popular topic of discussion these days. Let’s look at the “what” and “why” of the matter, along with eight ways to foster kingdom diversity.

Three Ways to Improve Your Preaching

The Scripture consistently challenges the Church to preach the Word. All pastors should be seeking to make their preaching better. Here are three ways to do that.

Reading on a Budget

Many planters want to read more, but finances often are tight. Here are six suggestions for how to read when you can’t afford books.

10 Steps to Starting a Kids Ministry

Children’s ministry matters. The truths children learn about Jesus Christ are of eternal significance. Making young disciples is a strategic investment in the life of your church.

You Are More Than Your Ministry

We are unhealthy if we aren’t sure where we end and our ministry begins. Remember: When the Father looks at you, He doesn’t see an employee; He sees His child.

Church Planter Basics 6: Sing!

Your congregation doesn’t need the music to sound a certain way. They need to understand that God is worthy of all our worship. Pastor, equip your church to sing!

Church Planter Basics 4: Make Missionaries

The problem in churches today is that we aren’t making missionaries. Planters would do well to see their churches as missionary training outposts for the kingdom of God.

Church Planter Basics 3: Win Souls

Church planting is a journey like no other. It’s exciting. It’s fun. It’s hard work. But it’s worth it when you see Jesus do what only He can do.

Church Planter Basics 1: The Church 

As we seek to be creative or innovative in planting, we must not compromise the integrity of the institution God intends to use to bring His gospel to the world.

5 Ways to Pour into Aspiring Pastors

Pastor want to raise up other pastors. It’s one of the best ways to advance the Great Commission. Here are five ways to pour into aspiring pastors.