3 Church Planter-Friendly Jobs You’ll Thrive In

You can't exactly clock in and out of your work as a church planter. If your role in ministry entails bivocational pastoring, then this occupational guide for planters may be for you.

Bivocational or covocational pastoring is becoming more and more common. In some denominations, half of the pastors are bivocational. There are certain things you have to consider when choosing a job while also working in ministry. So, here are some ideas for a few church planter-friendly occupations that you—and your ministry!—could thrive in.

1. A Non-Entrepreneurial Job

Church planting itself is entrepreneurial. If your job requires entrepreneurial drive and frequent availability on top of what’s already needed from you as a planter, doing so could take away from your time, energy, and overall stamina for ministry. As simple as it may sound, jobs that have clear start and end times are much better suited for your lifestyle as a planter. Some examples of this kind of job include teachers, garbage collectors, and even postal workers.

2. A Community-Centered Position

A planter who is engaged in his or her community sees the needs of that community even more clearly. The ability to engage in an occupation that fits into those needs presents an incredible opportunity for a church planter. These jobs provide excellent opportunities for evangelism and are often considered to be examples of social entrepreneurship. Opening a gym, becoming a hairstylist, running a coffee shop as a safe meeting space for its people, or taking a specific job that works with a marginalized community would all help you take part in the life of your neighborhood while also meeting some of its needs.

3. A Great Customer Service Role

To be frank, we live in a time of relational vacuum—especially as people in ministry. Any job that allows you to be salt and light in the community will help you relationally connect with that community. Customer-facing positions are always opening up within our neighborhoods, creating ways for those of us in ministry to be able to work alongside and also serve our neighbors in meaningful ways. This is such a meaningful way to organically deepen those community relationships.

One great benefit of being a bivocational or covocational church planter is that you have an even greater opportunity to engage with so many individuals in your community. Use this opportunity as a member of the workforce to missionally engage with the people God has planted your church in. May you serve your people well as you continue to serve the Lord faithfully, wherever He leads.

Adapted from Episode 642: Church Planter Friendly Jobs of the New Churches Podcast. Listen here for more!

Published July 31, 2023

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