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Episode 675: Trevin Wax and Clint Clifton review our new (free) Church Planting Masterclass, which offers 80 powerful videos intended to be used in two different ways: (1) If you’re an aspiring planter or a church planter yourself and (2) to be tools you can use to equip other leaders in your church.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

Insights from three Church Planting Masterclass sample clips:

  • Matt Chandler on being a missionary in your city
  • David Platt on involving your family in in ministry
  • Heather Thompson on becoming a better communicator

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

You really do have to think like a missionary. We expect missionaries who go to other parts of the world to examine the culture that they’re going to reach. And yet for some reason when we think about North America  we don’t we don’t prioritize exegeting the culture as much. @TrevinWax

It’s not just that there are differences in cultures; it’s that our cultures are always changing. So even information about your city 20 years ago might not be relevant now. @ClintJClifton

There’s this popular idea of balancing family and ministry. We even have the phrase “Don’t sacrifice your family on the altar of ministry.” But I think sometimes we’re in danger of sacrificing our ministry on the altar of family. It actually goes both ways. They are your ministry and they’re your co-laborers in ministry. @ClintJClifton

It’s not sacrificing your family for ministry; your family is your ministry. You minister to your family and then you minister alongside your family. @TrevinWax

I love the idea that we’re not just bringing a person to a message; we’re wanting the message to get to a person. And it’s not the communicator that matters most; it’s what’s being communicated. @TrevinWax

When people come to church, they really want to hear what God says. The Bible is the best thing your church has going for you. You have something no one else has: the very Word of God. How could we not want to be the very best most effective communicators possible? @TrevinWax

What I’ve heard for years about Jonathan Edwards is that he was so clear in his message and so vivid in his articulation, but so monotone in his delivery. Yet he’s one of the most powerful preachers we could ever consider. @ClintJClifton

Published June 16, 2022

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