Why I Would Never Support Your Church Plant

Episode 693: Many times, church planters are disappointed when they work hard to rustle up support but walk away empty handed. Host Clint Clifton talks with seasoned Sending Church pastors Jason Robertson and Dannie Williams about why pastors who love church planting might say no when approached for funding.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Red flags that might steer away a pastor from supporting you
  • What a pastor might do when approached by someone they think isn’t a good planting prospect
  • Where pastors see the “sweet spot” in a planting prospect
  • How a pastor who’s delicately stewarding resources might respond when a planter presents an unusually high monetary ask
  • Three principles to keep in mind when making the ask

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

The red flag I react to the quickest is their disposition toward team ministry. You can tell pretty quickly if you’re dealing with a team player or with someone who just wants your money. @Jason Robertson

Often church planters think all they need is money, and that’s the problem of youthfulness in church planting. We think we have all the tools and resources before we’ve actually tried to do the work. @ClintJClifton

I met this one guy who was looking at planting as an experiment. If it didn’t work, well, it didn’t work. You can’t go into church planting like that. @Dannie Williams

Some guys are overly confident. Arrogance and pride is never a good thing going into church planting. Some guys are too timid. When you’re out in front and driving a vision, that takes a balance of being courageous and and filled with faith and confidence. @Jason Robertson

Either a person has a high view of God or a high view of himself. The higher the view of God, the more likely this guy is going to succeed, because a man needs to know God is sufficient and he’s not. @Dannie Williams

Money won’t cause you to succeed; money won’t cause you to fail. @ClintJClifton

Abraham would have never seen the ram in the bush if he hadn’t gone to the spot had the knife drawn back. @Dannie Williams

Published August 18, 2022

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