What Clint Clifton Would Want You to Know About Church Planting

Episode 728

Clint Clifton believed our love of the Lord compels us to evangelize and multiply churches. Host Ed Stetzer, Colby Garman and Trevin Wax honor Clint by talking about what mattered to him.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What wrong questions we ask about church planting
  • The right question to ask about church planting
  • How Clint multiplied himself and his passion
  • What it looks like for smaller congregations to plant churches
  • The kind of person needed to plant churches

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Such a tragic loss. You could see the tidal wave of grief and loss spread. It’s been difficult, but we’ve also seen God’s grace give strength. @Colby Garman

Clint wrote: “If you’re going to plant a new church or lead your church to plant a new church, you will have to maintain a deep resolve to endure the difficulties ahead.” @EdStetzer

Clint’s planting legacy comes back to the assumption that every church should be involved in church planting, not “Should we? Could we?” but “Why would we not? How could we not be involved?” @TrevinWax

At the core of Clint was that life is an act of worship. Church planting for him was an act of worship, more than a strategy. @Colby Garman

Clint was continually willing to get up again, do it again, start something again. This is the kind of church planter that really makes a gospel difference.  @EdStetzer

Clint’s heart was to trust the good heart of the Father. @TrevinWax

Clint would want you to know that it doesn’t take you being the most brilliant or the most articulate. It just takes showing up, doing it again, making much of Jesus and not making it about you. @EdStetzer

Published January 24, 2023

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