The Importance and Opportunity of Church Planting in College Towns

Hosts Vance Pitman and Jeff Medders team up with Troy Nesbitt, the president of the Salt Network, a church planting network dedicated to reaching college students with the hope of the gospel. Tune in to discover what sets this student demographic apart and how you can assist in impacting the most reachable, trainable, and sendable people group on earth with the good news of Christ’s love.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How passion and potential create new paths for outreach and discipleship
  • What sets college towns apart from other church planting contexts
  • The power of local partnerships in reaching young people with the gospel
  • How to leverage student life for multiplication and sending purposes
  • How the Salt Network is mobilizing collegiate communities for the nations

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

In my mind, movements of God have always happened on the backs of young people. And in our culture, that’s going to be college students at major universities. — Troy Nesbitt

College students come to your town to leave, so—because they’re in that liminal stage of making adult decisions for the first time—if you win them to Christ, they’re searching and asking the question, “Am I going to be a Christian or not?” — Troy Nesbitt

It’s not a matter of sending them; it’s a matter of helping them know where they should go. We say about church planting, “It’s not where you go. It’s who you go with.” College students are already going. — Troy Nesbitt

You have to create the culture first. It can’t be a novel idea to plant a church. — Troy Nesbitt

If you’re a fisherman, you have to go where there’s fish. If you’re going to search for gold in a stream, you better go where there’s gold, right? University students all over the world, and especially in North America, are the gold mine for planting churches. — Troy Nesbitt

Published April 25, 2024

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