Supporting Those You Send

Episode 696: When a church sends out a planter, the relationship hasn’t ended; it’s just begun. Host Clint Clifton discusses with Jason Robertson and Dannie Williams how Sending Church pastors can provide meaningful support to planters as they face their inevitable challenges.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The importance of helping a planter enjoy the ministry
  • Ways to encourage planter spouses in the challenges they face
  • Specific stories about having a planter’s back in difficult situations
  • How you can help by advocating for that planter with other pastors
  • Signs a church planter is going through a terminal type of discouragement

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

In the church I planted 20 years ago, we didn’t have a lot of meaningful encouragement outside of our church. It became a real lonely experience at times. @Jason Robertson

If they have a project early on, we participate in it. The journey is so serious but it can be fun, so just have fun with the planter. @Dannie Williams

Sometimes church planting spouses get the short end of the stick. They often are doing a lot of the heavy lifting for none of the recognition. It’s important to encourage church planting wives. @ClintJClifton

We did a retreat and one of the planter wives started crying with gratitude of how they had been treated like royalty. We just want to say to them, “We really do care about you. This is not just religious talk. It’s the real deal.” @Dannie Williams

One of our church planters got Covid and it ended up becoming pneumonia. He was in the hospital and we could not go in. His spouse could not be with him. We started every single day having a worship service and prayer meeting outside his hospital window. @Jason Robertson

It’s one thing for me to go to a random church that I don’t know and say, “Hey, will you support me?” It’s another thing for you to speak on my behalf with that pastor. @ClintJClifton

I think of it as if I were out there, what would God do for me? What kind of commitment would he have? He’s going to be motivating people to rally to the cause of kingdom advancement that you are part of. @Dannie Williams

Published August 30, 2022

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