So Many Books, So Little Time

Episode 688: A lot of planters and pastors want to read more but they are strapped for time. Trevin Wax and Todd Adkins offer some immensely practical ways to read more when you’re really busy.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to make reading a priority
  • Several different media that will help you read more
  • How following a blogger may be better than reading the book
  • More efficient ways to read books
  • Why it’s important for preachers to read fiction

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

One of the things you have to do is to develop other leaders so you can hand stuff off and have enough time to read. @ToddAdkins

You often can’t put yourself in the position to make the best decisions unless you’re reading well. @ToddAdkins

I have books in different places. I encourage people to make use of space well. And there are ways you can nudge yourself into a reading posture, where reading is really just part of the day.@TrevinWax

Communication is a work of imagination.@TrevinWax

Reading more is about setting yourself up, in a world of distraction, to read well. I don’t have my phone sitting next to me when I’m reading. Eliminating distractions is massive. @ToddAdkins

You have more time than you realize. If you want to read well, if you want to read widely, if you want to read a lot, have a book nearby all the time. And then in the dead times, you can knock out a chapter or two of a book.@TrevinWax

If you just commit to reading just 20 minutes a day, you will work through more than a dozen books in a year.

It’s not as hard as people think. It’s just the prioritizing of the time, eliminating distractions.@TrevinWax

Published August 2, 2022

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