Pursuing Jesus

Episode 785

Host Tony Merida sits down with longtime friend, pastor, and author David Platt to discuss the fruitfulness of passionately pursuing Jesus amidst the difficulties of church planting today. Tune in discover how you can more effectively cultivate unity, conviction, and reliance on Jesus as you shepherd the people God has entrusted you with.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to categorize the primary, secondary, and tertiary convictions of the local church
  • Why a global Christian worldview is crucial for living life on mission
  • How a church’s compassion toward their community impacts the spread of the gospel locally
  • Ways to cultivate healthy conversation around the gospel, the church, justice, and race
  • Scriptural encouragement for the exhausted church planter

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

I’ve seen so much division, discouragement, disconnect, and even despair in the church because we’ve been holding fast to not just an American dream, but holding back from the issues that the gospel requires us to press into. — David Platt

The last thing the nations need is the exportation of nominal, cultural American Christianity. I’m zealous to see people sent out from churches in our country go to the nations, but I want to make sure they’re taking the gospel and not an Americanized version of it. — David Platt

What’s led to a lot of the unhealthy things we’ve seen in the church is wielding God’s Word like it’s a weapon in a culture war instead of water for friends in a desert. — David Platt

When sitting down with a brother or sister who’s struggling in their leadership role, start with the promises of God. You’re not alone in this long line of history of those who’ve gone before you. — David Platt

These have been hard days. But if God is the goal, then these are great days. Don’t hold back from God; that’s the big picture. — David Platt

Published November 9, 2023

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