Principles for Multiplication

Episode 741

You’ve heard about “having a multiplication mindset” but what is it and why does it matter? Ed Stetzer talks with Brad Brisco about what it looks like to have a multiplication mindset.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What a multiplication mindset is and why it matters
  • Four principles for cultivating a multiplication mindset
  • How multiplication is about more than planting churches
  • What it means to apprentice each other in multiplication
  • The importance of stories and scorecards

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

We need to understand and remember that we’re a sent, missionary people. A multiplication mindset has to start with God’s redemptive purposes being central. — Brad Brisco

If the first thing you stand up and say is, “Hey, we’ve got to plant another church, but you haven’t multiplied a disciple or a group or a ministry, it’s jarring to people. We have to get to the place where we’re thinking multiplication consistently. — Ed Stetzer

It’s not just about multiplying churches. In fact, it  needs to start by multiplying disciples, leaders and groups. Church leaders need to be thinking about multiplying ourselves in mission or ministry. — Brad Brisco

If the norm is not to live on mission, when I multiply the way people think about mission, that’s multiplication as well. — Ed Stetzer

Paul says in Ephesians 4 that if all five of the gifts are not being exercised, the church will not reach maturity. In fact, he actually says the church will not experience the fullness of Christ. — Brad Brisco

I can live sent and not multiply. I can think of myself as a missionary in my context, showing and sharing the love of Jesus, and still not multiply. — Ed Stetzer

In creating a multiplication culture, we need to think about stories and scorecards. What stories are we celebrating? What are we measuring? How are we defining success? — Brad Brisco

Published April 20, 2023

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