Managing Your Time as a Bivocational Church Planter

Episode 743

Time is our most precious commodity, and most bivocational leaders say they have trouble managing it. Ed Stetzer and Brad Brisco discuss practical ideas for managing your time.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The difference between “bivocational” and “covocational”
  • The danger of compartmentalizing
  • Why managing expectations is crucial
  • The importance of a theology of work
  • How to find healthy life patterns

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

The No. 1 challenge, every single time I ask a bivo/covo planter, always has to do with time management managing multiple aspects of life. — Brad Brisco

We definitely have to have a conversation if your approach to church is professional clergy centric. — Ed Stetzer

I’ve seen people have two or three couples and two or three singles, all going together to plant a church. If you’re bivo or covo, you cannot plant as a Lone Ranger. — Brad Brisco

There’s something in our culture that’s not healthy where we have to be the hero, we have to be the center. You can’t have a healthy long-term ministry like that. — Ed Stetzer

Church planters tell me they feel guilty with the amount of time they spend at work because those are hours they can’t spend on the church plant. — Brad Brisco

If you’re going to be bivocational, covocational, there are some jobs that are not good jobs for you. — Ed Stetzer

You have to operate with a planner and a calendar. You need to manage expectations. Most leaders need to set some social media boundaries. — Brad Brisco

Published May 4, 2023

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