How to Help Your Wife Thrive

Episode 767

Host Ed Stetzer chats with ministry leaders Christine and Kyle Hoover about how church pastors and planters can better serve their wives while leading their congregations. Tune in to discover how understanding balance and boundaries, along with calling and communication, will allow your wife to flourish the way God designed her to.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How creativity can help you resolve conflict within your ministry and marriage
  • Tips for establishing boundaries as a ministry spouse
  • Why your feelings aren’t a burden to God or His church
  • How intentionality and discernment can lead you toward your unique ministry calling
  • The importance of establishing healthy rhythms from the earliest days of your church plant

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

The best thing a husband can do is study his wife, have conversations with her about what she is passionate about and gifted for, and as soon as possible, help her find her spot in the church plant that incorporates those gifts. — Christine Hoover

In the framework of intentionality, is the default approach to just hand off responsibilities to your wife? Or are you being intentional to turn every stone to find a different scenario that works better? — Kyle Hoover

Treat your wife with the same kind of care and intentionality that you would if she were a lay or staff person, not assuming things based upon her being your wife.  — Kyle Hoover

Church planning tends to attract people who are very driven and who are going to fill their time with work because they’re excited about starting something new. This entrepreneurial mindset can often lead to a marriage and a family out of balance. — Ed Stetzer

My ability to engage others in the church is going to change over time because of the season of life that I’m in. It comes down to knowing my context, knowing myself, and knowing what the Lord has asked me to do. — Christine Hoover

Published September 7, 2023

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