How Does Funding Work for Church Planting?

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The three categories of church planters
  • The process for developing the financial resources to plant a church
  • Why denominational funding for church planting comes with strings attached
  • What is a church planting “side hustle” and what are some good options?
  • Why would a church planter not want to be “overfunded”?
  • How long should it take a planter to get to funding sufficiency?

Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

The three categories of church planters are seen like “gold, silver, bronze,” but there are distinct advantages, missiologically speaking, to being bivocational, covocational or even a volunteer church planter.” @ClintJClifton

What approach you take to church planting depends upon what the call of God is on your life. We have a friend who describes himself as a “garbage man.” It’s a great union job that gives him freedom to plant churches after work. @EdStetzer

If you want to see a church planting movement, it’s going to be powered by bivocational church planting. @EdStetzer

Let me just say to those of you are bivocational church planters, how deeply thankful we are, because we think the model you’re using is how the Lord can and will work in very powerful ways. @EdStetzer

Church planting funding from denominations comes with strings. if you’re planting with us and we’re funding you, we’re going to have certain expectations of that funding. @EdStetzer

There’s definitely a “pay it forward” mentality in denominational church planting. Those expectations make good sense. It’s not just we want our brand to continue. We want the mission to continue. @EdStetzer

When it comes to denominational funding, church planters can be kind of utilitarian. It’s not wrong to say that’s not what we should do because that’s not who we are. @EdStetzer

When it comes to a church planting “side hustle,” it’s good to find a blend, something that allows you to to accomplish the goals of a church planter while you’re earning money. If at all possible, I want to combine my mission and my money making. @ClintJClifton

Is there a “sweet spot” in church-plant funding? The goal of a new church, financially speaking, is self-sustainability. That sometimes means we don’t take on a lot of bills, so we do things in an inexpensive way. But it’s tethered to how much the church grows, and you can’t know that before you begin the church. @ClintJClifton

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Published December 16, 2021

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