Do Little Networks Matter?

Episode 704

Planters and church-planting networks and organizations are trying to figure out how they fit alongside other. Clint Clifton, Trevin Wax and Vance Pitman hash through the relational levels between and value of national and micro-networks.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What really holds church-based and micro networks together
  • How to maintain relationships so network values remain strong
  • What needs national and micro-networks can each meet uniquely
  • How large a church needs to be to begin multiplying
  • How national networks can collaborate

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

What really holds church-based and micro networks together is values collaboration. @VancePitman

It’s really good for us to recognize the concentric circles of care and love that make it more likely a church planter will be successful. @ClintJClifton

The ground is level when it comes to church multiplication, because it only takes one thing to multiply a church and that’s a ready leader. It’s all about discipleship. @ClintJClifton

The big mega-church in the New Testament missed out on Paul They sent him home. It was the small Antioch church that was able to build the relational equity with him where Saul became Paul. So who had greater impact? @VancePitman

As organizations grow, we go from barbarians to bureaucrats, from being willing to do whatever it takes to having lots of factors to consider. Sometimes the barbarians are just better suited. @ClintJClifton

But sometimes the bureaucrats have larger reach and extent of of influence too. @TrevinWax

The kingdom of God is bigger than any one denomination network or tribe. The endgame is about kingdom expansion to the ends of the earth. @VancePitman

Published September 27, 2022

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