Discipling New Believers

Episode 730

Jesus said to make disciples, but how do we make disciples who make disciples? Host Clint Clifton talks with Dave Proffitt and Colby Garmin about the challenge of discipling new believers.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How evangelism and discipleship rightly relate to one another
  • Basic tools of discipleship
  • Four discipleship “destinations”
  • How long before a new disciple begins discipling another person
  • A Bible verse that encapsulates the entire discipleship process

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

We’ve created the separate categories of discipleship and evangelism. Jesus simply says our task is to make disciples. Evangelism plays that role of helping people understand who Jesus is and become disciples. The continuation of their growth is the ongoing work of discipleship. @Colby Garman

Discipleship has a more academic part and then there’s the activity part. We’ve got to have the information but we’ve got to do the activity as well. – Dave Proffitt

What we’ve seen in churches a lot is training and training but never having a use for that training. When somebody has something particular in view, they see learning as important and valuable. @clintjclifton

There’s nothing more powerful than feeling out of your depth, so we have to push people to accomplish something they never thought they could do. @Colby Garman

I believe if you teach something to somebody, that person should go right out and find an audience. I mean immediately. – Dave Proffitt

Every aspect of the life of the church has a discipleship opportunity buried in it. How we see people serving, how we think about the membership process – all these things are discipleship. @Colby Garman

Published February 2, 2023

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