Calling Out the Called

Episode 713

People talk about calling in such a subjective way that it’s a little hard to pin down, but one of the most invigorating, satisfying things a pastor can do is “tap the shoulder” of someone who demonstrates ministry leadership qualities. Host Clint Clifton talks with Scott Pace and Shane Pruitt about specific ways to “call out the called.”

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Specific ways to use the “Calling Out the Called” resources
  • How the pastor plays a pivotal role in developing the planter
  • Ways the book and resources provide structure to talk about things like finances, what it’s like to live in a glass bowl or how to balance marriage and ministry
  • Indicators pastors might notice in church members that God might be calling them toward ministry
  • The important difference between teachability and agreeability

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Think about the huge impact it could have if some pastors begin to get a vision for calling out called people in their church: new churches planted, lots of new people in ministry, more ministry happening. @ClintJClifton

We want to reignite the conversation of actually calling out the called – and when we do, what do we do with them? @rscott_pace

Our target is to equip the equipper, to help others in their ministry leadership calling, discovering specifically what it is, and then how to mature in that. @shane_pruitt78

Pastors and other church leaders are on the front lines. They’re able to observe what they see by way of giftedness and there are some objective criteria in terms of giftedness and ability, skills, passions that you recognize in others that you say, “Hey, have you ever considered a calling to ministry?” @rscott_pace

Look out for consistency, humility, teachability – and people who just love Jesus, love people, love to serve – meaning they’re already doing it without any kind of title or position, without any accolades. @shane_pruitt78

Teachability is another characteristic to look for, that they’re eager to learn and they have a passion for the church in general. They see the kingdom big picture, not just the immediate ministry need that’s in front of them. @rscott_pace

I want to challenge pastors to ask, “What’s it going to take for you to be the most influential minister in another minister’s life?” @ClintJClifton

Published October 27, 2022

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