Building a Team from Scratch

Episode 633: If a church planter has “parachuted” into an unfamiliar city, how can he best go about building a team from scratch? Co-hosts Clint Clifton and Todd Adkins offer a plethora of hacks that will promote success.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Several leadership hacks helpful for “parachute”planters
  • The power of a relationship that helps others move forward in the same direction over time
  • The value of clear role descriptions for team members
  • The two values of good training
  • The four kinds of moments you want to create in team building
  • Two good reasons to get involved in the Chamber of Commerce

Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

I don’t recall who said it, but it’s true: People will will follow you if you’re uncertain; they won’t follow you if you’re unclear. @ToddAdkins

You don’t have to have it all figured out, but you at least need to have kind of a compelling vision for the future and have a place in it for each team member. @ToddAdkins

You need to have documented clarity: role descriptions for all your volunteers. You can get a win almost immediately simply by having a one-page role description in place. @ToddAdkins

You want to avoid the volunteer over-committing and coming back to you saying, “Hey I didn’t realize what this was.” @ToddAdkins

Clarity builds confidence for team members. @ToddAdkins

Good training does two things in equal parts: It gives both competence and confidence. @ToddAdkins

You don’t want to just recruit anybody that can fog a mirror. You want to think about the type of people you want to recruit and the way you want that to happen. @ToddAdkins

Some planters make “the big ask” in a safe, lighthearted way, and the person they ask isn’t quite sure if they’re serious. The more appropriate, more effective way is to have a serious conversation that creates a compelling moment they will not forget. @ClintJClifton

It’s not just the volume of impressions you’re making. It’s the quality of your interactions with people that make a huge difference. @ClintJClifton

Recruiting goes back to “seek first to understand and then be understood.” It goes back to just being insanely curious about your community. Schedule curiosity into your week. @ToddAdkins

Far too many times, ministry is something we do to people, not for people. @ToddAdkins

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– Chip and Dan Heath books: Made to Stick and The Power of Moments
– Web-search “questions based selling”

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Published January 18, 2022

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