Building a Team for Your New Church

Episode 684: One of the biggest challenges planters face is recruiting people and building them into a team. Host Clint Clifton explores the issue with Jamie Limato and Todd Adkins.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The difference between core teams and launch teams
  • How a church planter can recruit team members when there’s nothing yet to show for their ministry.
  • The Swiss cheese and grid methods of gathering a team
  • How the leadership precedents you set are like kudzu
  • What a pastor needs to know about coaching when he’s building his team

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

One of the biggest barriers church planters often face is recruiting people into a team when there’s really no momentum for a church plant. @ClintJClifton

The higher level of competency and capacity leaders you are trying to recruit, the more important clarity is, because they are going to dig down into the layers of what you just said. They’re going to ask more questions. And the best thing to do is answer their question before they ask it. @ToddAdkins

We don’t know whether a person is living out the values and vision unless we ask questions and listen. —Jamie Limato

Leading as a coach, for me, moved ownership for every single problem from them being dependent upon me to them taking ownership and responsibility. And now it was shared leadership. —Jamie Limato

True success in ministry is transferring ownership to others, developing leaders to the point where they feel  they are equipped for that work. It is a really fulfilling experience to have people around you who are doing the things you set out originally to do. @ClintJClifton

There’s a very good chance that those people you start with will not be as excited about the ministry when  it starts to take root and grow and multiply. @ClintJClifton

The power of story is really compelling but it must be tied back to a specific value. @ToddAdkins

Published July 19, 2022

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