Build Your Church Plant Through Evangelism

Episode 740

New churches must be built on a foundation of evangelism. Noah Oldham and Vance Pitman talk with Mark Lee about how to build a church through evangelism.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What it looks like to birth churches out of evangelism
  • An “elevator pitch” for an evangelizing church plant
  • Things to keep in mind to build a church plant through evangelism
  • A relevant lesson drawn from arguing with your wife
  • The crucial nature of evangelistic modeling and storytelling

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

One of the big mistakes we’ve made is shifting from starting churches to starting church services. Paul never went in and started a service. He began by engaging the community with the gospel, focused on disciple-making. —Vance Pitman

Missiologists tell us that the most strategic way of bringing a revival back to our continent is reaching lost people for Christ. —Mark Lee

Church planters have to remember what lost people are not looking for and what they are looking for. —Vance Pitman

A lot of church planters will default to the weekly gathering and some sort of discipleship in small groups. We must challenge people to keep a focus on engagement with the city, one-on-one sharing the gospel, reaching people where they are. —NoahOldham

There’s an old adage that if we want other people to feel something, we have to bleed something. If we want to build an evangelistic fire in our church, it has got to start with us as the pastors. —Mark Lee

All of us have Christ in us, seeking and saving the lost. We have to create opportunities within our church, allow people to live that out, because many will never choose that on their own. —Vance Pitman

The goal of the gospel, of what Jesus had in mind, is when I sit at my table who else am I inviting to the table with me? —Mark Lee

Published April 13, 2023

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