Becoming Sustainable Quickly

Episode 678: As a church planter, what does “sustainable” mean to you? Host Ed Stetzer discusses various aspects of quickly becoming sustainable with experienced planters Jared Huntley and John Worcester.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The “three self” idea of church planting
  • How a planter can, from the beginning, plan for his own successor
  • What a reasonable amount of time is for a church to be financially self-sustainable
  • How to introduce the principle of giving to new believers
  • The value of holding up leadership that exemplifies giving

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

I think a church planter should be consumed with “How am I going to reach the most people in the fastest possible way?” If he does a good job with that, then long-term sustainability takes care of itself. – John Worcester

An equal emphasis needs to be placed on developing leaders around you. If you can’t plant with a team, try to raise up a team as quickly as possible. If everything is dependent upon you as the planter, then you don’t have something sustainable. @Jared Huntley

Too many people say success is a full-time pastor pastoring a self-supporting church. It doesn’t have to be a full-time pastor. That is not the biblical norm and around the globe that’s certainly not the case. @EdStetzer

I like being intentional about giving other people space to lead and platforming other people. You should be aware of areas where you’re weak and allowing other people to run in their lane where they might be gifted in an area where you’re weak. @Jared Huntley

You have the best opportunity for the fastest growth momentum, the younger the church you’re in. As a planter, put your energy into getting the momentum to reach a lot of people as fast as you can. It’s out of that mix that you create the larger group where you find leaders. – John Worcester

We don’t want to sell our souls to get there, and we’ve got to trust God to bring about that growth. But there is a practical component to this: If more people don’t start attending our church, then you’re not going to become financially self-sustainable. @Jared Huntley

In the early days, when it’s evangelistic growth going on, I don’t emphasize giving a lot on Sunday mornings. Say something about it but don’t make it a big push. But when people are going to join the church, I teach about tithing and giving, and I promote leaders who are examples of giving. – John Worcester

Published June 28, 2022

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