Topic: Community Engagement

Best Practices for Core Team Members

Your core team is the heartbeat of your new church. So, how do you get your people moving in the same direction for the same mission? Here are 7 incredible ways to get off on the right foot as you set the tone of who your church is becoming.

A Biblical Vision for Children’s Ministry

Jesus said to them, “Let the little children come to me.” Here’s how your kids ministry can create opportunities for the next generation of children—and their families— respond to the gospel.

Planting Churches with Friends

Relationships are essential. This is especially true in the context of church planting. Here’s why leaning into the relational connections of your congregation and community is a game changer for planters.

12 Traits of a Healthy Church

There are so many ways to build your church, yet God calls His builders to multiply by His design. Here are 12 ways to gauge the health of your church plant.

Cultivating Rich Community in the Church

We all want to experience belonging. And as Christ followers, we get to experience this belonging within the family of God. Here are four ways to cultivate the type of biblical community that you and your congregation need.

Living as a Missionary in Your City

Living on mission requires intentional community engagement. Here are three principles to live by as you seek to plant your new church to the glory of God.

From Groups to Gatherings

There are so many ways to plant a church. Here’s one method to ensure your church’s multiplication DNA impacts each new step of the planting process.

What Makes a Church Plant a Church?

To understand your role as a church planter, you must first understand the role of the church. Here are the primary marks of the church and what its people have in common.

Church Planting in the New Testament

Where did the practice of church planting begin? What scriptural basis do we have for the work of planters and pastors? Here’s what we’ve gleaned with the New Testament as our guide.

Identifying Marks of a Disciple

We want our churches and communities filled with identifiable followers of Christ. So, how can we make this a reality? J.T. English unpacks three steps to growing disciples within your congregation.

Fundraising 101 for Church Planters

Money is perhaps one of the largest stressors in church planting. So, here are seven things to keep in mind as you seek out financial partners for the sake of the gospel going forward in your community.

How to Train Your Launch Team

If you’re new to church planting, you’re likely coming onto the scene with just as many questions as you have ambition. So, here are some tips, tricks, and guidance to help you consider the best ways to lead your launch team in this new season.

Lead By Example: Having a Personal Commitment to Sharing the Gospel

Lead by Example: Committing to Sharing the Gospel

Your church’s culture of evangelism begins with you as the leader. Here are the five phases of evangelism to help you navigate this personal call within your life—for the benefit of you and your church.