Online Bible Tools Every Preacher Should Know About

By Justin Orr

Browse this list of 55 online Bible tools to discover new resources that will help you with Bible study, sermon preparation and related research.

Editor’s note: The resources outlined below are unaffiliated with and does not profit or benefit from these endorsements in any way. They are simply recommended in an effort to serve you and your people.

Basic Bible Study Pages

Blue Letter Bible
This easy-to-use Bible website gives you all the tools you might need for sermon preparation, Bible study guides and personal Bible reading times. Users rave over the easy-to-use Concordance tool, where you can see all the places that the same word was used in the Bible, making word studies a breeze. This Bible website also provides clear tutorial videos that show you exactly how to navigate their tools.

Bible Gateway
Bible Gateway is a biblical studies resource containing 180 different versions of the Bible in 70-plus languages. It offers a wide variety of study tools for lay leaders and seasoned pastors to enhance their own study of the Word. A number of tools also have application for sermon prep and planning.

Bible Hub
Bible Hub is delivered by the Online Parallel Bible Project. It is a valuable site with a number of helpful resources across a multitude of categories. They have everything from a variety of Bible translations, commentaries, original language tools, historical sermons and the requisite atlases, devotions, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. Interface is a little complicated but once you figure it out, you’ll see it pay dividends.

Study Light
Study Light brings together devotional and study resources for everyone – from the Sunday School teacher, small group leader or pastor – looking to expand their horizons and engage in new material or find compelling connections between texts. Study Light offers tools for Bible study, biblical languages, historical writings, pastoral resources, personal resources (Advent guides, reading plans, devotionals, etc.) and links to other related sites. It collates these tools from across a wide range of denominations.

BibleProject is a nonprofit, crowdfunded organization that creatively writes, produces, and creates free Bible resource videos, podcasts, blogs, classes and other educational resources to guide individuals in the study of the story of Scripture. The founder, Tim Mackie, set out to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. They help present the unified story of Jesus to the reader in a unique multimedia format. Not only do they offer introductions to each biblical book, but they provide videos that deal with major biblical-theological topics and are adding to their incredible inventory day-by-day.

Sermon Prep Resources

Logos Bible Software
Logos Bible Software is a digital library application developed by FaithLife Co. It is the industry leader in electronic Bible study resources with an unparalleled set of tools, search functions and features that allow for in-depth engagement with the Word. While not exactly cheap, Logos does offer a wide range of packages to build on its (free) basic bundle.
This free on-line platform allows one to use the basic Logos bundle package and access more advanced purchased resources through a simplified portal. Very helpful for building out sermon media presentations.

Preaching Today
The single best resource I have found for sermon illustrations. It is a paid service, but there are 14,000+ illustrations (and the illustration library is constantly growing), with 1,500+ sermon series (with outlines and manuscripts), and 1,100+ articles. This site offers practical help to inspire better preaching.

On-line Commentaries
Links to online commentaries of the canonical scriptures. Helpful organization of these free to the public commentaries. Feature the work of John Calvin, Adam Clarke, John Gill, John Wesley and many others.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a specific-function search engine that provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Google Scholar allows the user to search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources for full-text or metadata copies of articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions from professional societies, online repositories, universities and other websites. Simplifies citations and helps quickly comb through the history of research in a subject or topic.

This all-in-one sermon prep application makes writing and preaching sermons “easier than ever before.” The platform offers features that allow for a modular (allowing for greater focus through simplicity) approach to sermon composition, built-in illustrations, quick sharing and collaboration options, a template library and integration. The best feature, however, may be the “presentation mode” that allows the minister to walk through the manuscript while keeping track of pace and time remaining.

Exegetical-Theological Resources
Free on-line Bible translation that provides 60,932 translators’ notes. Sponsored and published by the Biblical Studies Foundation. Site allows you to dig into the Bible through additional study tools too.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
One of the largest and best collections of digital resources that provides free electronic copies of Christian Scripture and literature texts. These resources are, while old, rich and enduring.

Wayne Grudem
Wayne Grudem is professor of theology and biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary. He’s published more than 20 books and many of his writings, recordings, and teaching resources are collated on this personal site.

Textweek features an expansive number of resources for study and liturgy based on the three-year Revised Common Lectionary cycle. Resources are not limited to any particular denomination or theological position but provide an excellent foundation for study, prayer, worship, reflection and growth. The site is constantly updated by moderators, and biblical texts are linked to relevant academic journal articles, reference works and major monographs.

STEP Bible
Tyndale House Cambridge’s development team launched STEP as a new (and free) Bible study resource specifically designed for teachers and preachers who do not have access to resources that students at notable institutions do. Specializes in biblical text, interpretation, biblical languages, and biblical historical background. Used by thousands from around the world.

Resources for New Testament Exegesis
Provided by Roy Ciampa of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, this resource has collated a number of valuable and under-utilized resources for delving into the fascinating field of New Testament exegesis.

Jewish Roman World of Jesus
These resources were curated by James Tabor, who recently retired from UNC-Charlotte, where he taught for 33 years. He is an expert in the fields of Christian origins and ancient Judaism. This site is an archive of his teaching resources.

Described as a “Living library of Torah,” Sefaria offers an on-line library of 3,000 years of Jewish religious and historical texts. Excellent resources for Hebrew Bible, Talmud, Midrash, etc. Resources are available in more than 13 languages.

Hall of Church History (From a Bunch of Dead Guys)
An entertaining site featuring short but valuable introductory articles, historical timelines and other collections of texts from a wide range of religious groups and periods throughout Church history.

Counseling Resources

The on-line home of the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation, this site offers excellent resources from a biblical counseling perspective, particularly resources for pastors engaged in counseling ministry in the local church.

Association of Biblical Counseling
ABC exists to “enlist, equip, enrich and encourage all believers everywhere to live and counsel the Word, applying the gospel to the whole experience of life.” While admittedly geared for professionals (i.e. a professional society with members), resources are available in the form of conference plenary sessions and a blog with valuable insights and direction.

Home for resources, training and certification “to promote excellence in doctrinal integrity in biblical counseling.”

Bob Kellemen
Founded in 2004 by Bob Kellemen, RPM is specifically geared toward equipping pastors, lay people and educators with “Christ-centered, church-based, comprehensive, compassionate and culturally-informed biblical counseling resources.” The free resources are immediately applicable.

Brad Hambrick
A true “counselor for the church,” Brad Hambrick serves as pastor of counseling at Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. His resources are available free (both in PDF form and recorded videos) and immediately applicable in the church context.

Faith Biblical Counseling
This site offers formal training tracks and related on-line resources for aspiring biblical counselors. Their catalog of past conference sessions are particularly helpful.

Biblical Studies & History Resources

Art Bible
A collection of ancient, medieval and modern art inspired by the stories of Scripture and searchable by the biblical text which inspired them. Wonderful site, not widely known.

Bible Places
Your go-to destination for high-quality photos from the biblical world. They offer a huge catalog of images and slides to supplement your preaching and teaching. Their photo companions to the Bible are well worth the investment.

Bible History
Bible History explores the eyewitness accounts of Scripture and compares them with the historical and archeological witness to produce maps, tools and other resources.

Biblical Training
Bill Mounce’s “seminary-level Bible education for everyone, everywhere.” These courses are taught by a team of Christian educators, pastors and authors who have come together in order to offer training to Christians worldwide. These courses come with videos, transcripts, notes, etc.

Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
This website houses the digital collection from Israel Museum’s Dead Sea Scroll library. High-res copies/pictures of the original extant scrolls offer a unique window into the touchstones of monotheistic world heritage.

Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
High-quality digital editions of featured Dead Sea Scrolls from the Leon Levy Digital Library, by way of the Israeli Antiquities Authority.

Digital Scholarly Editions: Qumran
Digital editions of the Dead Sea Scrolls for both casual students of the Bible and professional scholars.

The Qumran Visualization Project
This ambitious project from the Near Eastern Languages and Cultures Department at UCLA, under the guidance of William Schniedewind, offers a virtual modeling of the Qumran community. It’s a fascinating re-imagining of the famous site in the Judean wilderness.

Beginning with Moses
A compendium of brief posts, articles and linked publications that fall under the broad umbrella of biblical theology. The resources span the full spectrum of topics under that heading, from a decidedly evangelical perspective. As such, they provide a great guide to help a person begin to work through a complicated field of study.

Biblical Studies Blog
The Biblical Studies Blog has been making biblical scholarship accessible for the average reader for more than 21 years. The goal is to equip leaders in their respective countries to be better disciple-makers so they can spread the gospel in their countries. They have more than 50,000 articles free and available for download.

Early Jewish Writings
Collated resources from the Hebrew Bible, deutero-canonical books, pseudepigrapha, Dead Sea Scrolls, and other resources by Philo of Alexandria, Josephus and the Talmud. Resources have translations, introductions and links to help you navigate them.

Founded in 1997 by Allen Ross Scaife, this site offers resources that will serve digital classicists well in their online research, sermon prep or general research.

The Classics Page
The one-stop shop for historical texts in Latin, as well as related resources.

Pastor-Teacher Web Libraries

Each of the following sites are extraordinarily helpful in that they each offer resources that will serve the Bible teacher or student in their own work to know God through His Word.

David Guzik

John Piper

David Platt

Jason DeRouchie

David Murray

Adrian Rogers

Sam Storms

Danny Akin

Charles Spurgeon

Inspirational Sites

Joshua Project
Highlights an unreached people group each day along with key demographic information to help the believer pray for the nations as a part of their spiritual disciplines while they simultaneously learn more about the progress of the advance of the gospel.

Verse of the Day
An inspirational Bible verse for each day.

Cultural Exegesis Sites

Pew Research Center
A nonpartisan “fact tank” that educates society about issues, attitudes and trends are shaping the world. They do opinion polling, perform demographic research, content analysis and other data-driven social-scientific research.

BARNA Research
BARNA exists to provide “spiritual influencers” with credible knowledge and clear thinking about our complex and ever-changing culture so that they can navigate the world with grace and truth as salt and light. 

Lifeway Research
Lifeway Research provides “relevant research and insights” to help the Church improve its impact on the world. Their research reports, cultural insights, Fast-Fact reports and blog offer consistently helpful and valuable observations.

Hartford Institute for Religion Research
Maintained by Scott Thumma and Warren Bird, this site provides reports, research articles, bibliographies, a searchable database and more on topics including the megachurch church growth movement, women and religion, religion and the family, Pentecostalism, orthodoxy in the U.S. and homosexuality as focal points of study.

The Gospel Coalition (TGC)
The Gospel Coalition supports the church through multimedia content, events, courses, books, training, and global resourcing, that are trusted and timely, winsome and wise, and centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Published February 13, 2023

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Justin Orr

Justin Orr was born in Baltimore and grew up as a "missionary kid" in Brazil. He has served Weems Creek Baptist Church in Annapolis, Maryland, McLean Bible Church in metro District of Columbia and now serves as a pastor in Traverse City, Michigan. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Mobile, master's degrees from Southeastern Baptist Seminary and the University of Maryland and has participated in graduate fellowships at the Catholic University of America and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He and his wife, Valerie, have three sons, Ezra, Isaac, and Jonah.