What Church Planters Can Learn from Spurgeon

Episode 801

Host Tony Merida spends time with Jeff Medders to discuss the life and legacy of Charles Spurgeon not only as a pastor and preacher, but as a dedicated church planter, too. From his intentionality as a leader to his vision casting as a church revitalizer, Spurgeon has much to teach planters today about faithfully living on mission, no matter the context in which you lead.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Spurgeon’s most taught from book of the Bible
  • What it looked like for his church members to “live sent”
  • Greater insight into Spurgeon’s leadership pipeline
  • Ways the great preacher emphasized Christ from the platform and in his personal life
  • How Spurgeon’s sorrows impacted his life and faith

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Spurgeon was called “the prince of preachers,” and I think we could also call him “the powerhouse of church planting.” — Jeff Medders

Spurgeon didn’t just allow his name and funds to be leveraged for church planting. He was personally investing, teaching, and mentoring young men at his house. — Jeff Medders

You may go from being a church planter one day, but the church-planter mindset probably never leaves. — Jeff Medders

Christ was the gravitational center of everything Spurgeon taught. He called and proclaimed Jesus either through evangelism or edification, and I think that is for church planters today. — Jeff Medders

When you find yourself discouraged or depressed, or when you’re dealing with sickness in your family; whatever it is, it’s not new. The Lord throughout history has used weak saints by His grace to build up the body of Christ. — Tony Merida

Published February 1, 2024

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