Responding to Criticism

Host Noah Oldham teams back up with pastor and planter Adam Muhtaseb to discuss their relationships with constructive criticism throughout their journeys as church planters. Tune in as they discuss what Scripture has to say about your life, ministry, and righteousness in Christ and how God intends to form you in His image as you shepherd your flock for His glory.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How your personality type could be impacting your relationship with feedback
  • Why you don’t have to perceive criticism as a threat to your ministry
  • The importance of balancing humility with confidence
  • Why extending gospel honor is an essential part of your church’s culture
  • How to maintain emotional and spiritual resilience when faced with criticism

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

When someone criticizes me, it’s really just reiterating what I know in the foundation of my faith, that I’ve fallen short. I use it as an opportunity to find the kernel of truth and repent of it. – Adam Muhtaseb

The person I’m criticizing or have an issue with matters, is my brother or sister, and was valuable enough for the Son of God to die for him or her. When we view people as that valuable, it changes the way we handle our disagreements. – Adam Muhtaseb

Our swagger turns into a limp the longer we go through experiences of God humbling us. – Noah Oldham

The call was never to love the city for the city’s sake. It was to love it for Jesus’ sake and then continuing to go to Him and say, “Lord, give me Your heart for that.” – Noah Oldham

Church planters don’t want to be humanized. We want people to think we’re superhuman, that we can do it all. We build that up, and then we get burned out. – Noah Oldham

In all that criticism, God’s doing something, forming you into somebody. What matters more than the actual church is the kind of person you’re becoming. He’s making you rely on Christ’s work and reputation, not your own. – Adam Muhtaseb

Published February 27, 2024

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