Preaching to the Lost

Host Noah Oldham sits down with Adam Muhtaseb, the pastor, planter, and recipient of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Joe B. Brown Preaching Award. Listen in as they discuss the impact of your church’s Sunday morning preaching culture and how you can take strides to engage the assembled nonbelievers as you strengthen your flock from the platform.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What expository preaching offers our audiences
  • The difference between moralism and true evangelism
  • Why you should consider explaining the “why” behind your Sunday morning sacraments
  • How you can promote a missional culture that engages the lost throughout the week
  • The big question you can ask those who are seeking and searching for truth

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Preaching is both the precursor and the ongoing mission of church planting. It’s so much more multifaceted than we anticipate as we go into this field. – Noah Oldham

Preach to who you want to be there. Intentionally preach like there are lost people in the room. – Noah Oldham

The meat and potatoes of what we communicate should be God’s Word. Every now and then, I like to say, “We can go out to eat” and do a topical sermon on some random topic, but we try and stick to the Word. – Adam Muhtaseb

We need to preach sermons in which an unbeliever can come in and be like, “Oh, this makes sense,” fall on their face, and worship God. – Adam Muhtaseb

Make sure that if somebody were to come to your service, it feels like good news. You’re not proclaiming something they need to do, but the good news of something that’s already been done. Proclaim the “It is finished” of the text. – Adam Muhtaseb

If you can honestly just bear your soul to people and apply the text and its good news to your life, that is the start of an amazing sermon. – Adam Muhtaseb

Published February 20, 2024

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