Leading Your Church in Fearless Prayer

Episode 803

Host Ed Stetzer teams back up with colleague Craig Hazen to take a deep dive into John 15:7—Christ’s own words about fearless, expectant prayer. Discover the role of prayer in the life of the church planter as you petition the Lord on behalf of your people and wait to see how He will provide.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • What John 15:7 doesn’t say about the prosperity gospel
  • How leaning into difficult passages of Scripture can teach us greater things
  • The purpose of prayer in the life of every believer
  • The power of patience within our prayer lives
  • Why keeping a prayer journal may be your next step!

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

John 15:7 was spoken by Jesus in the last hours of His life on earth. It seems to me that it’s got to be really important for today and not just something that we hope we understand one day. – Craig Hazen

The idea of prayer–what is it? I dove in and found that it’s a very simple concept. It’s asking for stuff from God. – Craig Hazen

It’s right there in the Lord’s Prayer: “Give us this day our daily bread.” There’s a connection between “If you’re remaining in me, and my words remain in you,” the kind of things you’re going to ask for are going to also be different. – Ed Stetzer

A lot of mainstream evangelicals stay away from John 15:7 because some will think they’re associated with the “health and wealth” prosperity gospel. They don’t engage this because they’re afraid of that association. – Craig Hazen

For people who need quick answers for difficult church-planting situations, God’s right there. He is Johnny-on-the-Spot. He wants us to be prepared to wait, but He’s a God of action. – Craig Hazen

Published February 8, 2024

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