Innovative Outreach Strategies in Urban Ministry

Host Tony Merida returns with his long-time friend and colleague Dr. Doug Logan to discuss the latter’s joys, challenges, and success stories of ministry within the urban context. Tune in to discover the creative ways in which you can engage your urban community with the hope of Christ’s gospel.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The most effective means of gathering data for your neighborhood
  • Ways to leverage your digital platform for community engagement and awareness
  • Proactive methods of engaging crisis within your congregation and context
  • The impact of gathering in a fragmented community culture
  • What gospel confidence and consistency can do for your urban ministry endeavors

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

When the Holy Ghost sends you somewhere, He equips you with a focus and a calling. — Doug Logan

Many people in the inner cities believe in some sort of God. They want to know if He brings dignity, honor, and value. Does He look like them and love them for who they are and the uniqueness of their race, history, and personhood? These are their questions. — Doug Logan

Urban church planters are dying on the vine because they get out there bringing a Eurocentric philosophy of apologetics, and then they can’t handle it. So, we have to equip them with relevant gospel engagement, and they have to put in the work. — Doug Logan

The problem is not just poverty, but it’s also theology. Everybody has a theology, and it often gets superimposed on poor people who are vulnerable and in need. — Doug Logan

The pastor and church planter in the city has to step up and be in His Bible. He’s got to spend less time on the blog and more time on the block. — Doug Logan

Being in those places of crisis, one of the things we pray for and want to exemplify is a steady confidence in our God and to allow the peace of God to be a characteristic of our leadership, to be a steady leader in chaotic times. — Tony Merida

Published March 28, 2024

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