How Do We Keep Pastors in the Game?

Episode 788

Host Ed Stetzer chats with pastor and planter Mark Lee to discuss why we need to hold onto biblical endurance as modern-day ministry leaders. Tune in to discover how you can find longevity in ministry through healthier perspectives, sustainable rhythms of rest, and perseverance.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why returning to your calling is essential for ministry
  • How people pleasing leads to burnout
  • Why a shifted perspective is an essential tool for followers of Jesus
  • The impact of discerning your current season of ministry
  • How pastoral ministry is more like a marathon than you might think

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

Some pastors will see their pain as a sign that something is wrong. What we have to attempt to do in that moment is to see that our pain is a process and that it is developing something in us that we could never develop in ourselves. — Mark Lee

People need reservoirs of resilience. Endurance is connected with resilience, and it’s something you have to cultivate. — Ed Stetzer

Sometimes, there is a time where the needs of the kingdom and the desperation of our times are actually more important than what it is that I may be feeling at the time. — Mark Lee

Your answer to that question of “Why?” is the most important endurance weapon that you can possibly have. I have got to not only be able to endure pain, but I’ve got to be able to welcome it. — Mark Lee

If you run with people, you can just run a lot further. Be very intentional about cultivating friendships and relationships with other pastors because they can understand the burden you carry better than anybody else. — Mark Lee

Published November 28, 2023

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