Good Mentoring Relationships

Episode 804

Hosts Vance Pitman and Noah Oldham return for another episode with pastor, planter, and leadership expert Dr. Crawford Loritts. Tune in to discover what you can gain through the guidance of those who have gone before you on this church planting journey.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The wisdom to be found in healthy biblical community
  • What to look for in your next mentoring relationship
  • How to establish healthy boundaries and expectations for both the mentor and the mentee
  • Why you should consider making 2 Timothy your next book for personal study
  • The three kinds of people every church planter needs in his life!

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

There are two ways to learn how to do your job: there’s humility, and there’s hardship. You can either humble yourself and listen to some people further down the road than you, or you can face the hardship of bad decisions. – Vance Pitman

You influence, but you don’t control. You never want to get in a relationship where a mentor doesn’t know the difference between appropriate authority and a domineering relationship. – Dr. Crawford Loritts

Your twenties and thirties are a season of learning. I’m not saying that God’s not using you in very significant ways, but you’re learning who you are and who you’re not. – Dr. Crawford Loritts

The difference between a trend and a fad is that which is enduring. – Dr. Crawford Loritts

There’d be no Paul without Barnabas, and yet we are looking for “the name guys.” A lot of times, it’s the unnamed heroes that you’re talking about. – Vance Pitman

When the heat gets turned up, things get a little hot, and adversity comes, there’s a tendency to run, shift, change your environment. The problem is there is no such thing as character apart from endurance. The fuel that you need is found in what you don’t like. – Dr. Crawford Loritts

Published February 13, 2024

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