Encouraging Women in Evangelism

Hosts Vance Pitman and Noah Oldham meet with pastor’s wife, mom, and National Director of Women’s Evangelism, Catherine Renfro, to discuss the significance of women’s evangelism in the life of the church. Tune in to discover how you can mobilize the women of your congregation to join in the activity of God, one gospel conversation at a time.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • The biblical precedent for women’s evangelism
  • How to intentionally utilize your women’s gatherings for the sake of mobilization
  • Why celebration is a key component in your ongoing women’s evangelism efforts
  • The power of your testimony in reaching others for Christ
  • How to help the women in your congregation leverage their unique mission fields, no matter their stages of life!

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

The message of the resurrection was first entrusted to women in the New Testament to take and share. So, for Jesus to elevate the voice of women in carrying the most significant theological event should speak to us today about the role of women in evangelism. – Vance Pitman

Jesus gives us examples of women having kingdom impact in sharing the hope of the gospel. – Catherine Renfro

If we can help women think about living out their purpose in these everyday moments, God can eradicate fear. He’s greater than our fears and worries of rejection. – Catherine Renfro

The global church is empowering and unleashing both men and women to engage in evangelism and mission. I’ve just seen women used by God as incredible evangelists who engage cities to see disciples made and churches born. – Vance Pitman

We don’t naturally drift towards evangelism, so we have to keep it in front of our people. Keep talking about it and encouraging it. There is nothing more exciting than when you see someone realize that God can use them. – Catherine Renfro

Published March 5, 2024

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