Christ-Centered Conflict Resolution

Hosts Jeff Medders and Tony Merida dive into one of the most difficult areas of leadership development: conflict resolution. Tune in to discover tools with which to view your disagreements, unmet expectations, and miscommunications as growth opportunities rather than situations to flee. Here’s how you can meet your conflicts head-on, honoring Christ and pursuing peace through the help of His Spirit.

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • Why you may naturally gravitate away from conflict and what you may be drifting toward instead
  • Scripture’s examples of relational conflict
  • How church planting conflict is similar to bringing home a newborn
  • Words of encouragement for people pleasers and confrontation avoiders
  • What reconciliation and restoration look like in the context of following Christ

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Sharable Quotes (#NewChurches):

It’s easy to show up to the positive parts of ministry: leading, preaching, discipline, and counseling. It’s harder to show up for the more challenging parts: the church discipline or conflict resolution meeting. Faithful, effective leaders show up for both. — Jeff Medders

Some can envision the Christian life as being very doctrinally focused and head-oriented. In reality, it’s doctrine-embodied, relational, people work. — Tony Merida

It’s always growing and dynamic, always with fires to put out. The question is not if you’ll have conflict but how you’re going to deal with it appropriately and in a way that’s Christ-honoring and how you can deal with it without dreading or despising it. — Tony Merida

Jesus came into the world not only to reconcile us to the Father because we are at war with God in our sinful nature, but also to reconcile us to one another. Jesus is the great mediator and reconciler who brings us peace as the Prince of Peace. — Tony Merida

As pastors, it’s very easy to think, “Okay, I need God’s Spirit to help me preach the sermon and help with X, Y, Z.” We forget we need God’s Spirit to help us in our conflict resolution. — Jeff Medders

You have to be comfortable having awkward conversations with people. I’ve learned that Jesus shows up in those awkward conversations because He loves when His people are trying to be united. — Tony Merida

Published May 16, 2024

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