Topic: Disciple-making

The Contribution of John Chrysostom

How much do you know about the greatest preacher of all the early church fathers? Trevin Wax expounds on why the Archbishop of Constantinople’s ministry has been more impactful to you than you may realize.

10 Steps to Cultivate More Engaged Listeners During Your Sermon

In the age of small screens and attention spans, it’s harder than ever to maintain the interest of an audience. So, here are 10 steps you can incorporate into your sermon preparation and presentation to captivate your congregation as you proclaim the name of Jesus.

Lead By Example: Having a Personal Commitment to Sharing the Gospel

Lead by Example: Committing to Sharing the Gospel

Your church’s culture of evangelism begins with you as the leader. Here are the five phases of evangelism to help you navigate this personal call within your life—for the benefit of you and your church.

A Biblical Foundation for Discipleship

A Biblical Foundation for Discipleship

Christ’s command to “go and make disciples” may seem confusing or even overwhelming to you. So, here are three ways you can intentionally focus your circle of influence as you pursue a life on mission.

5 Practices for Praying with Purpose

Embracing these five practices will take your personal prayer life to a whole new level and help you be intentional in discipling others to pray.