Topic: Church Planting

How to Handle Kingdom Conflict

Throw passionate leaders together in the high-pressure context of doing ministry in hard places and you’re sure to see sparks fly as iron sharpens iron.

Deep Bench

The task of leadership discovery, development, and deployment is a vital catalyst in reaching the vast…

Praying Bold Prayers

God’s people have the ability to ask Him for big things. But you might be like most…

Should I Have Family Members as Team Members? 

Would your family be a fruitful addition to your core team or send you toward a Jerry Springer-style family meltdown? Will Klotz offers some pros and cons, along with a few pieces of practical wisdom he picked up as a planter himself. 

5 Steps for Planning Your Preaching Calendar

Digital media have made it easy to hear excellent communicators. That has created high expectations among today’s church attendees. Planning your preaching ought to be a top priority and Rick Duncan offers five steps to get you there.

Articulating Your Leadership Ethos

Putting the intangibles of culture into words isn’t very easy. We offer our church’s values document with the hope you find it helpful as you work to build Jesus’ church and lead His sheep.

When Crisis Strikes Your Ministry

A veteran of 20 years in strategic communications, Christian Pinkston offers a big-picture overview of several key factors in church crisis communications.

Church Planters Face This Great Danger

Familiarity is the enemy of wonder. Church planters face a danger common to anyone heavily involved in ministry: We get familiar with holy things. Perhaps overly familiar.

The Downside of Professional Christianity

My service in vocational ministry, particularly in church planting, has complicated my daily walk with Christ. The deeper into professional Christianity I got, the more I felt sinfully entitled in four ways.

3 Great Side Hustles for Church Planters

These days it seems every church planter has a “side hustle.” The increasingly expensive cities we are working to reach have created a need for a marketable skill or trade that will provide a missiological and financial foothold in the community. So what side hustles are most compatible with church planting?

Crushing Expectations in Church Planting 

Pressure points in church planting conspire to overwhelm us. We must draw these things up to the surface and examine the sources – healthy and unhealthy – before God.

Charles Spurgeon, Pt.1 – Church Planting Ethics

Among the myriad of ministries to which Charles Spurgeon was committed, one of the most impactful was his commitment to establishing new churches. Let me share with you three of his ethical considerations that church planters 140 years later still would do well to incorporate into their ministry. 

Church Planters, Let’s be Honest

The truth about church planting never resembles the architect’s renderings and the slick “plant with us” pamphlets. The realities can leave you confused and disillusioned. Here are five truths that might keep you keep you sane and in the game.

10 ‘Must-See’ Prospectus Samples

Trying to plant a church without a prospectus would be like trying to get a job without a resumé. Before you press “Purchase” on that print order for your prospectus, take some time to review these 10 excellent church planting prospectus samples.

The Love Imbalance We Seek

How can we love people more than we want to be loved by them? At its heart, this is an issue of worship.

Church Planters and the Fear of Man

Who has to deal with the fear of man more? A salesman who is dependent on cold calls every day or a church planter? How do planters get the approval of those around them to win them to a church plant? That’s an issue of the fear of man.

3 Reflections of a Hard-Headed Church Planter

Though God’s grace has been shown in my life and in the church I serve, I wish I’d remembered the old adage: “God gave you two ears and one mouth, so listen twice as much as you talk.”

3 Benefits of Bivocational Church Planting 

A new movement is afoot: More church planters are choosing to plant bivocationally because they see it as a more desirable way to plant a new church. Here are three advantages to bivocational church planting.

3 Questions Pastors Must Ask

Having been around a lot of pastors at our various confabs across the world, I’ve noticed something unhealthy.

How to Transform a Community

One of the great and worthy causes of church planting is the desire to influence neighborhoods and cities for the gospel of Jesus.

4 Ways to Find Launch Members

To plant a church you need a solid launch team. Get the best practices from Daniel Im on growing your launch team.

Nike for Church Planters

How much time are you spending hanging out with skeptical, curious and confused not-yet Christ followers?

Intro to Developing a Budget

Budgeting and fundraising are often two of the most daunting things that church planters face. This doesn’t have to be the case.

A Case for Bivocationality

What if there isn’t enough “grain to tread,” in the specific way our proverbial ox-hoof was designed by God?

Launching Large

Start small, and chances are your church will remain small.

2 Kinds of Multi-Ethnic Churches

Even if a church does not talk about race/social issues as much, these churches care deeply about what God is doing globally.