Episode 498: Assimilating Through Connection During Limitations

In Episode 498 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss how to assimilate new members to your church as you work to worship together through limited circumstances.

“This is James with Foundation Presbyterian Church just outside Columbia, S.C. We are a church plant that began Sunday morning worship in September of 2019, and until COVID-19 we were averaging 40 per Sunday. Since moving online we have tripled our engagement, but the question I have is about assimilation. We are going to start in-person worship on May 31st,  but the space we rent will only allow 15 persons in it per Sunday as opposed to the 75 that it could hold. So, it seems like a big part of the journey from evangelism to assimilation going forward will need to be online. What’s the best thinking on assimilation for church plants during this strange time?”

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to determine the best way to spend your time in regards to gathering
  • Why connection leads to assimilation

 Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “If the experience is going to be different, let it be different in a good way.” – @toddadkins
  • “People are going to be stickier than your preaching.” – @toddadkins
  • “Think of it as a unique opportunity to build leaders, to build your capacity for development, to build your capacity for building mini biblical communities.” – @toddadkins
  • “The goal is how can we be the church and how can we reach our city and how can we reach our neighbors and see our city come to Jesus?” – @danielsangi
  • “You need to consider where is your time and your volunteers’ time best spent?” – @danielsangi
  • “If you want them to assimilate, introduce them to another couple or family with things in common.” – @toddadkins
  • “Assimilation is about that connection to community. The culture that you create will carry that forward once they are connected.” – @toddadkins

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Published June 8, 2020

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