Episode 435: Using Small Groups for Multiplication

In Episode 435 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss the relationship between small groups and multiplication.

“I am less than six months into a new position as the groups director at the campus level of an already multisite church organization. What would my top three action items be to continue to develop our culture of multiplication in a way that would multiply our groups at the campus and continue to push that out beyond our walls in a way that could potentially result in having to launch another campus in our immediate area or a surrounding area?”

In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • How to lead up on a macro scale
  • Three actions to develop a culture of multiplication

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “My conviction within multisite churches is that it’s not just the largest campus with the most resources that need to be in charge of multiplication.” – @danielsangi
  • “Continue to multiply your small groups, but don’t expect that from a small group you are going to be able to launch a campus.” – @danielsangi
  • “Create opportunities for small groups in a certain geographical area so that twenty to fifty people can gather together.” – @danielsangi
  • “First, I would ask the key leaders to be sure they are in small groups. Second I would feed information to them that they would be able to speak about small groups on a regular basis from the main pulpit. Three, I would ask that small groups be sown into the culture.” – @edstetzer
  • “I would make it easy to celebrate and talk about small groups at the pastoral level from the platform.” – @edstetzer
  • “Create that sort of learning community with other pastors in your community so that you can begin walking down the road of collaboration.” – @danielsangi
  • “Tying small groups into that broader passion of engaging the whole city can make a positive difference.” – @edstetzer

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Published October 31, 2019

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