Using Online Conversations for Good

We live in an online age that has changed the requirements of ministry and the very nature of how the church operates. What you post and how you interact with others online can either draw people into your church body or turn them away. Though it can be tempting to wish we lived in a different time unencumbered by the pitfalls of the digital space, our time is better spent learning how to navigate the online world and social media in a way that glorifies God.

2 Hours 11 Modules

How do you embody a digital presence and interact with others online in ways that don't betray your gospel witness and impact?

Learn practical tools and scriptural grounding to engage social media in God-honoring ways.


  • Daniel Darling


Using Online Conversations for Good equips pastors and church leaders to engage in social media and other digital platforms in a manner that glorifies God.  

The digital age has made many of us impulsive in our online engagements. While social media can be an excellent point of connection for leaders to engage with their church members and potential members, it must be navigated carefully. Learn how to effectively communicate online in a way that brings glory to God and promotes unity within the body of Christ.

All course materials are FREE and can be studied by individuals or taught in group settings. On the course page, you may watch all videos and download handouts.  

These 11 modules will help you: 

  • Practice discernment in your digital life 
  • Create an effective online presence 
  • Be an advocate on social media 
  • Combat online falsehoods with biblical truth 
  • And more!